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Banat and Apuseni Mountains

courtesy to our partner Club Cicloturism Napoca, due to a request of a customer

Here is a route proposal for a bike-trip on asphalted roads through Banat and Apuseni mountain regions, with very nice landscapes, for 11 days:


 1. [Yugoslavia Bela Crvka - Kaluderovo border point} Naidas - Oravita - Anina - Resita (80 km)
 2. Resita - Lugoj - Faget ( 90 km)
 3. Faget - Ilia - Bretea Muresana - near Deva - Brad (100 km)
 4. Brad - Vascau - Nucet (80 km)
 5. Nucet - Campeni (70 km)
 6. Campeni - Buru - Aiud (100 km)
 7. Aiud - Teius - Ighiu - Alba Iulia - Vintu de Jos - near Orastie - Simeria (110 km)
 8. Simeria - Hateg - Caransebes (100 km)
 9. Caransebes - Baile Herculane (75 km)
 10. Baile Herculane - Orsova - Moldova Noua (130 km)
 11. Moldova Noua - Pojejena - Naidas [border point[ - Kaluderovo / Bela Crvka (50 km)

 The mentioned sections of the itinerary are for your orientation. Since you will be with tents, it makes no sense to sleep in towns, the best is on the way, in nice places close to the road. Camping in the countryside is still free in Romania [of course not on cultivated land or in somebody's garden) but near the roads, in forests, on riverbanks you can find enough nice campingplaces. We always go with tent on cycle-trips, especially in these mountainous regions. You also find enough motels on the roads and also so-called "campings" which offer cheap wooden bungalows...    
Recommended areas to camp:
 1. Near Carasova (the end of the marvelous wild Caras-gorges), on the way from Anina to Resita;
 2. Near Cosevita (After Faget, on the way to Simeria)
 3. Near Valisoara (before Brad)
 4. In the Vartop-pass (after Nucet, on the road to Campeni)
 5. Near Bistra or Lupsa (after Campeni)
 6. Near Rimetea of in the Valisoara-gorges (between Buru and AIud)
 7. By Geoagiu-Bai (Spa between Alba Iulia and Simeria, not on the main road)
 8. between the Poarta de Fier - pass and Bautar (from Hateg to Caransebes)
 9. Near the Baile Herculane (upstream of the spa) on the Cerna-valley
 10.In the Danube-gorges between Berzasca and Pescari
What you shouldn't miss to visit:
 - The "museum of the gold" and of the amber, in Brad
 - The Ordancusei-gorges near Garda de Sus (secondary valley on the left from the centre of the village Garda de Sus - between Arieseni and Albac)
 - The small ethographic museum in Lupsa (after Campeni)
 - The Posaga-monastery (few km from the main road, on the left, from Posaga, between Campeni and Buru)
 - The Baile Herculane-spa
 There is not much cultural sightseeings right on your itinerary, because it is concentrated in northern and central and southern Transylvania, and not on this itinerary. But on another trip... Because we are sure you will like it and come again to Romania!  
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